With Marion

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With Marion investigates the proximity of objects and self in a new performance work using projection and video. The origins of this work began with monthly musings, published on The Kitchen’s OnScreen website, on a photo composite of the same name, made from the objects on the artist’s desk. In real time, Cuyjet builds video loops and dances to assemble a fragmented archive of a fictional past to redirect a future out from under its thumb.

Accompanying this performance is a five-part written series that was published every month leading up to the performance. Audiences received a free copy of the publication for additional reading.

“Ok, this dance is private. It forms new pathways to allow the unexpected to emerge. It is also a constant practice of letting them all disappear quietly into nothing...” - January 2020, The Kitchen On Screen 

with video assistance from Simon Harding and videography by Iki Nakagawa
as part of This Is A Dance: Dance And Process 2021
at The Kitchen at Queenslab, NYC
May 15 - 16, 2021

all images by Paula Court

© 2022 Leslie Cuyjet