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For All Your Life, Studies


In Studio/Out


The Movement Research artists in-residence shared an evening of work at Center for Performance Research in the Performance Space Open House (PSOH) series, on April 16th. This video contribution looped in the lobby before the show.

//During my time as an artist-in-residence at Movement Research, mainly with the free studio hours included with the residency, I focused my efforts to forming a studio practice. What does it mean to work in shared studios across Brooklyn and downtown New York? Can I fit all that I need in one backpack? Will a regularly weekly rehearsal yield more or less than rehearsals in concentrated bursts? What is the recipe for my creative process? I was able to play and try and fail and build and practice processes that yielded a handful of public performances, which I suppose is ultimately a goal of having a practice. Yet as my time as a resident artist comes to a close a studio practice is one of the, if not the most valuable commodity I walk away with.//



Video performance in group show in a three-story home in Brooklyn, August 17, 2018

imgs by Jessie Young

a day in the life of


My first collaborative evening-length dance work. A multi-media performance event where the story is told through dances, the set, and video projections. "a day in the life of" encourages the sensation of a new environment, a new way of experiencing ordinary events.

leslie cuyjet + ana mendez
Armory Free Theater, Urbana, Illinois
made with the design + digital rehearsal studio at the University of Illinois

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