A Salient Theme, beginning

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This is an expression from my questions on art, personal history, race, class, and privilege. Themes that have gone unnoticed in my life that I only now am able to pinpoint as questions I’ve had my whole life. Through starting a letter correspondence with my dad, I realize that this is larger than me, my time, my generation. 

A Salient Theme aims to document life-long questions of identity, confuse and disrupt conventional narratives, and demonstrate the angsty, explosive, sensitive, pioneering excellence of the black woman.

with Jessica Pretty
lighting design by Amanda K. Ringger
at Center for Performance Research, as part of the Chez Bushwick Artist in Residence program and The Exponential Festival
January 27, 2017
at La MaMa Moves! Festival with The Current Sessions, NYC
June 4, 2017

A Salient Theme started with a high energy “duh-dun-dun-bap-bap” hit it, get it, work the corner, work the hip, all smiles, Dave Brubeck tracked, sh-bang... But, ahh, there’s more to this.“
- Maura Donohue, Cuturebot

“The mood shifts from disarming and quirky [...] to the abstract, exact and confrontational.”
- Polina Riabova, Performance is Alive
img Scott Shaw

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