A Salient Theme, beginning

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This is an expression from my questions on art, personal history, race, class, and privilege. Themes that have gone unnoticed in my life that I only now am able to pinpoint as questions I’ve had my whole life. Through starting a letter correspondence with my dad, I realize that this is larger than me, my time, my generation. 

A Salient Theme aims to document life-long questions of identity, confuse and disrupt conventional narratives, and demonstrate the angsty, explosive, sensitive, pioneering excellence of the black woman.

A Salient Theme started with a high energy “duh-dun-dun-bap-bap” hit it, get it, work the corner, work the hip, all smiles, Dave Brubeck tracked, sh-bang... But, ahh, there’s more to this.“
- Maura Donohue, Cuturebot

“The mood shifts from disarming and quirky [...] to the abstract, exact and confrontational.”
- Polina Riabova, Performance is Alive
img Scott Shaw

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