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During a six-week residency in the VW Dome at MoMA PS1, Leslie Cuyjet continues her exploration of transience and memory. Roam responds to the temporality of the VW Dome itself, demarcating time with movement and text to reflect on the past, memorialize the present, and project a future. 

“How do we memorialize something we cannot see? Can we claim a history that we’ve never heard? Is that history heard or seen only if it remains? And does it change when it disappears? What was left out and what was never there at all? Can we keep up? Or keep track? Keep time? Peek-a-boo.” 

Roam by Leslie Cuyjet presented as part of VW Sunday Sessions on November 23-24, 2019 at MoMA PS1, New York.
with Madison Krekel and Juri Onuki
sound design by Brandon Wolcott
lighting design by Jason Sinopoli
img courtesy MoMA PS1. Photos by Ellie Burck

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